This administration doesn’t get enough credit. What other president in recent history has been so blatant in his willingness to put politics before anything else? He’s not even bashful about it. In fact,barbour international jacket Obama’s utter lack of concern over how he is viewed by the press and the voters is remarkable. Here we are just weeks after the entire country was railing against his constant golf outings, and he’s still out on the links. 200 games played, apparently. Congratulations, Mr. President. I guess that counts for something.

When it comes to Obamacare and the economy, this administration has found new and exciting ways to spin the news. When they can’t spin it, they simply delay it. Immigration is the perfect example. Everyone knows what he’s going to do – he’s hinted at it enough times – but he’s unwilling to move forward with it until after the elections. He’s out there telling Republicans that it would be “suicide” for them to oppose amnesty, but the fact that he’s not willing to ralph lauren outlet uk do it before the midterms shows that he doesn’t believe his own words.


Then there are the rising premiums under Obamacare. The new has debuted, but anyone who might be interested in seeing the new premium rates will have to wait. And, hey, let’s give credit where it’s due. The site really is improved. I mean, it should be, for all the money we’ve thrown at it. Still, there are lingering questions about canada goose expedition parkapremium hikes. It turns out that we may not see them until, you guessed it, after the elections. With the new open enrollment period beginning on November 15th, prospective customers will have to see what their insurance companies have in store for them.

This is purely political, of course, just like everything else this administration does. Their reluctance to release the finalized premiums can only be regarded as a harbinger of doom.

Republicans, of course, have been urging the administration to release the rates as soon as possible. This is politics, too. The GOP thinks that rate hikes could play in their favor when voters go to the polls on November 4th. Still, if the Department of Health and Human Services will know the rates on the 3rd – and they will, according to Senator Lamar Alexander – the buying public deserves to have that information. Not so we can “budget” (that argument is a bit ridiculous, but it’s the one Republicans are going with), but so we can do exactly what Obama doesn’t want: use it to inform our votes on the 4th.

After all, wasn’t it Obama himself who claimed that all of his policies were on the ballot? If that’s the case, don’t we deserve to know the full impact of said policies? No, of course not. Not when it comes to Obamacare, the law Nancy Pelosi said wecanada goose expedition parka had to pass before we could find out what was in it. Well, we passed it. And we only know its early effects, many of which have been damning to the American economy.

So, hide your premiums, Obama. We’ll just vote based on what we’ve seen thus far. Good luck, Democrats.