President Obama continues to botch the U.S. response to Ebola, now determined to name a special czar to handle the bureaucratic niceties of the government’s coordination efforts. Even this, however, he’s managed to cheap ralph lauren polo turn into a purely political exercise that undermines our ability to fight the disease.He started by naming Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco as a point person. Monaco has no experience in the medical field, making her an odd choice for the position. From the start, she was one of the first people out in front of a microphone, assuring Americans that there was no way Ebola was going to become a major problem.

Now it appears that Ron Klain will be appointed as the official Ebola czar, and he too is a questionable choice. Instead of bringing a long public health record to the table, or an M.D., or even some evidence that he’s watched a documentary on Ebola,canada goose kensington parka he brings more political experience. He has worked as chief of staff under both Joe Biden and Al Gore, neither position offering the public much hope in the face of potential disaster.

The appointment proves that Obama sees this as a political nightmare in the making at a time when his approval numbers have never been lower. With only a couple of weeks to go until the midterm elections, there’s no doubt that the DNC is putting pressure on the president to step up his game. Already in this election season, we’ve seen Democrats do everything possible to distance themselves from the White House, often with embarrassing results.

What it doesn’t do is make us any safer. We’re still allowing flights in from West Africa, raising the distinct possibility that powerful airlines are resisting a ban for financial reasons. We are only one or two new infections away from the possibility of widespread panic. Especially when we hear stories about Texas Health Presbyterian nurses on cruise ships and Amber Vinson’s cross-country flights. It’s beyond clear that we are not prepared for a disease of this magnitude.

The CDC has been largely incompetent in responding to the crisis as well. The laboratory directory at George cheap barbour jackets Washington University hospital took to Twitter on Wednesday to point out all the failures of the CDC’s instructional guide on treating Ebola safely. The CDC has also come under fire for clearing Amber Vinson to fly when she called repeatedly with news of her fever. It’s hard to imagine how appointing an Ebola czar is going to make up for the lack of coherency in the CDC’s response.

This is far from the first time the Obama administration has been called onto the carpet for incompetence. Hell, just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about the shortcomings of the Secret Service. But their mistakes in fighting this outbreak could come with a heavier cost than sinking poll numbers. Let’s hope luck is with us in the coming weeks,canada goose outlet toronto because we’re going to need it with these guys in charge.