After a Somali refugee named Abdul Razak Ali Artan used his car and a butcher knife to wreak havoc at Ohio State University on Monday, an immigration watchdog group reminded Americans that the Obama administration has been lax in their duty to properly vet incoming refugees.

The Center for Immigration Studies reissued data showing that President Obama has resettled roughly 50,000 Somali refugees in the U.S. since taking office. Furthermore, of the 97,000 Somalis who have been resettled since 9/11, 99% of them are Muslim.

“We have no way of vetting people from any of the failed states of the Islamic world, whether Somalia or Libya or Yemen or Afghanistan or Iraq,” wrote CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian. “The latter two actually we have more intelligence on, having ruled them for a number of years, but even that information is of limited use; we admitted two Iraqis as refugees who, we only discovered later, had been [improvised explosive device] makers back in Iraq. And the FBI fears dozens more such terrorists have been admitted as refugees.”

As of Tuesday, law enforcement officials could not say definitively whether or not Artan’s attack was linked to terrorism. However, a Facebook post believed to have been written by Artan criticized the U.S. military for dropping bombs on Muslim countries in the Middle East. Apparently, Artan chose to take out his anti-military aggressions on defenseless OSU students instead of taking up arms against said military. Probably a wise choice, though he was destined for “martyrdom” either way. We can only be thankful that (so far), the only life he claimed was his own.

We’re well past the “final straw” when it comes to Islamic terrorism, and Donald Trump’s election victory is the proof. Americans have had it up to here with Muslims who take advantage of U.S. hospitality before throwing it back into our faces in the form of shrapnel. This isn’t about waging war on a religion or rejecting the poem on the Statue of Liberty; this is about putting some common sense back into our national security policies.

No other religion on the planet is as closely tied to violence as Islam. Maybe it’s not fair to paint all Muslims with the brush of extremism, but it’s also not fair to let innocent Americans pay the price for our political correctness. There is nothing in our Constitution that demands we let unvetted refugees from the world’s most dangerous countries settle down in our communities.