President Obama got to tick another box off his bucket list on Saturday when he became the first American president to sit with a Cuban leader in more than half a century. A Panama City convention center played host to Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro in another step towards normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba. While the moment made for a fine photo opportunity, both sides admit that there is more separating the two countries than the Gulf of Mexico.

“This is obviously a historic meeting,” said Obama, but both he and Castro said they agreed to disagree when it came to certain matters of philosophy. Publicly, anyway. One might imagine that Obama’s personal politics are closer to those of the Castro regime than he could admit in front of a microphone.

Even as Obama worked towards writing himself a bigger paragraph in the history books, Florida Senator Marco Rubio came out against the meeting. In an interview with Breitbart, Rubio called it “ridiculous.”

It doesn’t make sense. I don’t see how they can rationalize taking them off the list [of state-sponsors of terrorism], other than the president’s desire to achieve a legacy issue that he’s the one that opened up Cuba and changed fifty years of policy.

There’s no need for an “other than” when it comes to Obama. That’s his sole focus, particularly as we run into the last months of his presidency. He wants to make history, and that’s all he really cares about. If that means supporting Communist dictators, handing Iran a nuclear bomb, or letting bloodthirsty terrorists undo everything the American military accomplished in Iraq, well that’s just what it means. He doesn’t care how it turns out. When push comes to shove, he just wants something he can take back to his socialist mentors for a pat on the back. You did good, Barack. You did real good.

It may take years, but time will exonerate Rudy Giuliani. One cannot explain the enigma that is Barack Obama without conceding that he does not love America. In fact, everything he’s done since coming to Washington has indicated that he actually hates this country. Loathes it. Whether it’s Obamacare, illegal immigration, Iran, Israel, Cuba, ISIS, or anti-capitalism regulations, he has done everything in his power to leave America weaker than it was when he took office. And that’s by design.

Obama can only embrace this country after it has been taken down a peg. The U.S. must relinquish its status as the Evil Empire. He has gone to great lengths to see that we give up our fantasies of American Exceptionalism.

We can’t afford to let this happen again. It’s still not clear if we can ever recover from doing it once. Obama has another year and a half in the White House, and there’s no telling what kind of damage he can do in that time. If we follow him up with Clinton, we may as well throw in the towel. There’s only so much a mighty country can take.