For years, conservatives warned that Obamacare was going to destroy jobs and slow the nation’s economic recovery, but the libs didn’t listen. Perhaps they were blinded by the hazy fog of their universal healthcare fantasy, rendering them incapable of understanding that Obama’s law wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. Obama, for his part, didn’t give a damn what the ramifications of his healthcare plan would be. He wanted his signature piece of legislation, even admitting that it didn’t bother him when critics called it “Obamacare.” He was proud of it. It was his own little way of carving out a legacy.

Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, those predictions about the worst effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act are coming true.

Federal Reserve Bank Surveys
The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia last week reported that more than 18% of area employers were cutting jobs as a direct result of Obamacare. Another 18% admitted having to shuffle some of their workers to part-time status to get around the heavy burdens placed on them by the Act.

The New York Federal Reserve ran a survey of their own and came up with numbers that look a lot like the ones in Philly. According to their reports, roughly 21% of New York manufacturers have had to make reductions in employment to stay ahead of the Obamacare disaster.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve conducted a study that found that 34% of companies that do not currently offer health insurance intend to reduce staff to avoid the tax penalties in store for companies with more than 50 workers.

The destructive influence of the Affordable Healthcare Act, therefore, is not longer just crazy right-wing fear mongering as the left has always believed. The numbers are in, and they look grim for anyone who wants to see American businesses succeed.

There can be no doubt now that Obamacare’s employer mandate is going to hold back our nation’s economic recovery. How could this have ever been in doubt? By reducing the number of jobs available and slashing wage growth, Obama’s insidious healthcare act is preventing the country from realizing the economic potential that only a truly free market can achieve. It’s no secret that Obama is an enemy of capitalism, though, so it’s to be expected that he wouldn’t care about such things.

The thing I don’t get is why so many liberals still support this ridiculous law. It’s certainly not the universal healthcare that so many on the left desperately want. It’s nothing but a way for the federal government to dip their greedy hands into the American pocketbook once again, having decided that they weren’t getting enough from federal income tax. It does nothing to improve the healthcare situation in the U.S., and it is having a disastrous effect on employers. It’s time to repeal this abominable law before America is crippled forever.