Every time a liberal opens his fat mouth about welfare, you can count on hearing the words “richest country in the world” before his tearful soliloquy is finished. It is the mantra on which their entire philosophy is women’s ralph lauren based, and you can hear the bitterness present behind the phrase. The richest country in the world. They say it like you might use a talisman, warding against the evil spirit that is Capitalism. There’s no excuse, they say, that there should be people starving in the richest country in the world. They’ve said it for so long that even many conservatives have forgotten how to argue the point.

Once you decide to look further into the problem of American poverty, however, you realize that this utopian dream of government welfare is nothing more than a liberal fantasy. And you also realize that President Obama has bought into that fantasy hook, line, and sinker. Well, he’s at least convinced his supporters to buy into it. In his first term alone, federal welfarecanada goose outlet online spending increased a staggering 32%. While some of that can be blamed on the crushing recession, there’s too much of it still in place to put it all on the housing crash.

Of course, that gets right to the heart of the problem. Welfare is like those old bug traps – roaches check in, but they never check out. It can be argued that the government has an obligation to care for the disabled, the elderly, and children, but the welfare state goes well beyond these basic acts of humanity. The obligation extends to those who have chosen not to work themselves, placing a legal burden on nobis sale tickets, and crash in front of their Playstations with enough weed to make it through the week.

Over the weekend, conservative newshounds WND  with Rachel Sheffield of the Heritage Foundation. She believes that Obama is getting ready to go much further when it comes to expanding welfare in the United States. Not only is the Obama administration ready to allocate more money to welfare’s slice of the budgetary pie, but they also want to spread the word. A considerable amount of money has been dedicated to programs meant to advertise welfare to the poor.

It’s hard to imagine how the country strayed so far from its founding principles…so far away from what made America great to begin with. When we’re at a point where 35% of the populace is on means-tested welfare, something has gone horribly astray. When canadian goose outlet we see that number and decide that more – not fewer – people should be taking advantage of the system, it makes that bright future of the American dream seem dimmer all the time.