Only a couple of days after former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote an essay for The New York Times calling on young activists to go beyond simple gun control measures and actively push for a complete repeal of the Second Amendment, CNN doofus Chris Cuomo tweeted that no one on the left wanted to…repeal the Second Amendment.

Cuomo was spurned into action by another Twitter user, who said: “@ChrisCuomo let’s face it. Far right want abortion stopped and far left want guns banned and 2nd amendment repealed. If media did their job and put aside their bias they would be able to do their jobs and ask the vital questions.”

Well, CNN employees are very sensitive these days about people calling them out for being biased (or, to use another word, peddlers of FAKE NEWS), and so nothing gets them riled up faster than a comment like that one. Cuomo couldn’t help but respond, hilariously proving “Gwen S.” right in the process.

“This is a lot of bunk,” Cuomo wrote. “No one calling for 2A repeal. Stop with the bogeyman. We need to stop the shootings and have a rational conversation about what can be done.”

To imagine that someone on the “NRA and Republicans HAVE CHILDREN’S BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS” side of this issue would dare accuse anyone else of using a “bogeyman” argument is pretty fantastical, but there you have it. Sometimes we’re not sure if the problem is Ye Olde Liberal Bubble or if these “journalists” are actually this dense. Or, the third option, they are being deliberately deceitful. Since their level of stupidity often dips below institutionalized mental dullness, we have to suspect that it is the third option more often than not. You can’t be that dumb and keep a good-paying job (unless you’re in Congress…)

After hundreds of Twitter users drew Cuomo’s attention to Stevens’ op-ed, he waved it away as unimportant and irrelevant to his original statement. “He is a retired justice who was talking about ways to get quick legal change on access to weapons,” he wrote. “He is not an elected official or part of any effort to repeal 2A. It is a bogeyman to keep people scared and as such resistant to ways to stop the shootings.”

Oh, so since CHRIS CUOMO considers Stevens “no one,” his point still stands? Interesting.

The fact is that Stevens is far from the only one to call for a repeal of the Second Amendment on the left. Cuomo either knows this and is being intentionally obtuse or he doesn’t know it and therefore should keep his mouth shut about it on social media. Sadly, in a media world where “facts” are now hateful, racist, scaremongering, privileged, etc., we imagine he’ll suffer no career consequences for his lies.