Ohio’s East Palestine Residents Furious Over Safety Claims By Government

(TotalConservative.com) – Displaying a stunning lack of appreciation for the ecological disaster unfolding in their town, EPA chief Michael Regan asked residents of East Palestine to “trust the government,” Thursday, February 16th when he visited the site. Continuing, he said he understood the difficulty of that proposal and that there was an innate lack of trust when it came to the authorities, but he claimed they were doing all the testing possible and so far no chemicals were entering the water supply.

Regan was photographed walking along one of the contaminated waterways, a river that has the odor of fresh paint 2 weeks after the controlled burn which spread hazardous chemical fumes billowing into the air. The black cloud was so thick and voluminous that it could be seen for miles around and even above by a man flying at thirty thousand feet.

The small community of five thousand isn’t buying the government’s claims. Residents have complained about headaches and eye irritation. Many have found their lawns covered in soot. Some have come upon dead wildlife, and some lost pets. The evacuation only lasted five days, and residents are left wondering if there will be a cancer cluster among their kids a few years down the line.

Regan reminded folks that home testing was available for free, though how much good it does is certainly questionable. While surfaces can be wiped down, and enough wind and rain will wash away the residue, what happens when small amounts of those byproducts leech into the food and water supply?

The New York Times is so concerned about the situation that it published an article sharing some of the more exaggerated claims and labeled anyone doubting the government’s official statements as “right-wing.” Aren’t the Democrats the party of environmental concern?

Residents grumbled and booed in response to officials making claims of safety during a meeting Wednesday to discuss the tragedy. Norfolk Southern declined to send representatives to that meeting, but CEO Alan Shaw did send a letter in which he claimed: “[Norfolk Southern] will stay here for as long as it takes to ensure your safety and to help East Palestine recover and thrive.” Words on paper and actions are two very different things, Mr. Shaw.

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