Oliver Stone Flips the Script on His Original “Barbie” Analysis

(TotalConservative.com) – After taking a dig at the “Barbie” last year, controversial director Oliver Stone is now retracting his criticism of the film and extending his compliments to its director.

On Monday, Jan. 22, Stone posted a statement on Twitter about “Barbie” and walked back a dismissive remark made about the blockbuster in 2023, admitting that he made the comment before the film was released and before he even watched it. The “Natural Born Killers” and “JFK” director said that after seeing the movie, he had a change of heart and appreciated it.

Stone confessed that he was able to see the movie “in a theater back in July” and that he appreciated “Barbie” for “its originality and its themes.” The director said that the way the filmmakers approached the movie was different than what he originally expected and concluded by apologizing for “speaking ignorantly.”

Stone also complimented director Greta Gerwig, from one director to another, praising her 2017 film “Lady Bird,” which he said was one of his “favorites of that year.” He concluded his statement by crediting the box office success of “Barbie” with greatly boosting “the morale” of the movie business, which Stone said “was welcome.” He then wished Gerwig and the entire team behind the movie “good fortune at the Oscars.”

The previous remark by Stone was uttered during an interview with City AM in 2023. Stone was commenting on the actor Ryan Gosling, one of the stars of “Barbie,” and said the actor was “wasting his time” by “doing that shit [participating in “Barbie”] for money.” Stone said that Gosling shouldn’t participate in the film because it contributes to the “infantilization of Hollywood.” The director lambasted the movie business for being overly focused on “fantasy.”

In his statement walking back the remark after it was cited by Deadline, Stone said that although he respects the publication, they shared the statement “out-of-context,” which he called “sensationalistic.” Stone explained that he made the comment while promoting a documentary and “had little to no knowledge” of “Barbie” beyond the movie title.

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