Well, this is apparently what passes for a moral dilemma in 2019, in case you needed further confirmation of the degradation of American society.

The Wichita, Kansas library board is twisting itself into knots over a thorny question: Do we let sex offenders read to children as part of Drag Queen Story Hour…or do we risk angering the LGBT Mafia, which has come out in force to argue that, hey, banning sex offenders is a form of discrimination! No, we aren’t kidding.

From LifeSiteNews:

A library board in Kansas finds itself divided on a proposal to automatically bar registered sex offenders from participating in presentations at public libraries following outcry over the records of some Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) performers.

After an event last year in which drag queens read pro-LGBT stories to children at Wichita’s Advanced Learning Library, the community’s library board is currently debating a proposal to automatically disqualify convicted sex offenders from presenting at libraries in the area.

Past DQSH events have come under fire for putting convicted pedophiles and prostitutes in close proximity to children, yet the proposal has been met with some resistance.

“It’s clear why they’re checking for sex offenses only: they’re trying to label the LGBT population in this city as sex offenders, which is offensive in and of itself,” Equality Kansas director Thomas Witt claimed, the Wichita Eagle reported. ““These are public presentations in one of the most open and public places in the city of Wichita. I doubt very seriously it’s a venue for predators.”

Nooo, of course not! Why would child sexual predators want to dress up in drag and read to children? Is this guy serious?

Ah, but you have to take every grievance that comes out of a gay person’s mouth with the utmost seriousness in this Woke Year of Our Lord 2019, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the library board is very concerned about Witt’s accusation. At a board meeting this week, most of the members agreed that it would be wise to screen prospective drag queens against the sexual offender’s registry, but others said, you know, even if they DO have a conviction, does that really mean they need to be disqualified?

“The Wichita board ultimately voted to return the proposal to its operations committee for additional tweaking before a final decision is made,” LifeSiteNews reported.

Right. Hey, we have an idea…how about getting rid of Drag Queen Story Hour altogether? This story is a clear example of what happens when you trade common sense and standard values for LGBT pandering. It’s a slippery slope…and you don’t even want to know what they used to grease the slide.