Morris Williams of Inman Gun and Pawn shop in Spartanburg womens barbour jacket County, South Carolina may be the latest victim of the Obama administration. Williams has been forced to close his checking accounts with Suntrust Bank, possibly due to pressure from the Department of Justice’s “Operation Choke Point,” a secretive mission meant to hurt legal American businesses the administration regards as unsavory. On its surface, the DOJ’s efforts are geared towards preventing financial fraud, but many analysts believe the operation is being used to target what the administration considers enemies.

“We had an excellent relationship,” Williams said of his dealings with Suntrust. “We had ample funds in the accounts to do anything that we needed to do. We thought everything was just wonderful until we received this letter.”

The letter in question was sent by the bank, informing Williams that Suntrust’s deposit account regu lationspolo ralph lauren salewere forcing the closure of two accounts. The letter did not go into detail about which of the bank’s regulations were being breached, saying only that Inman Gun and Pawn was a prohibited business type. The Spartanburg local news went on to inform viewers that these prohibited businesses included pornography, psychic services, and weapon sales.

When Williams asked Suntrust why they were suddenly forcing him to close his accounts, they told him that businesses like his gun shop were more expensive for the bank to handle and carried more inherent financial risk. Williams has since found a new bank with which to do business, but the incident has many gun shop owners across the country worried that this could be the next stage in Obama’s long war against guns.

Though it isn’t clear yet whether Operation Choke Point had anything to do with Suntrust’s decision to part ways with Inman Gun and Pawn, it is clear that the Justice Department’s initiative could easily be used to target businesses unpopular with the Obama administration.canada goose banff parkaThe point of the operation is to literally “choke off” legal companies from being able to work within the established financial framework. Without access to banks and payment processors, legitimate companies may no longer be able to keep the doors open.

While the initiative is couched as an attempt to reduce fraud, many say it’s an unfair and borderline-illegal attempt to shut down businesses that are otherwise completely legal. Knowing Obama’s feelings on American gun sales, it wouldn’tcanada goose jacket sale be the least bit surprising to see him use this operation to win gun-control victories that he has been unable to win through legislation.

If Inman Gun and Pawn is any indication, it may already be happening.