Never one to keep his non-Hollywood political ideas to himself, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight said this week that the U.S. could be in for “great danger” if Joe Biden assumes the presidency in January. In a heartfelt video posted to Twitter, Voight warned that Americans need to be extremely vigilant going into the next era, because liberal Democrats want to turn this country into something it was never meant to be.

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want, to destroy America. Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration,” Voight said in the video.

Voight made it clear that his beef is as much with California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other lockdown-happy Democrats as it is with Biden and his incoming administration.

“Our state California is being ruled by a leftist mob — himself, Gov. Newsom is taking away our freedom, your freedom. He’s a disgrace to mankind — he and his relative Nancy Pelosi, who has tried to bring President Trump down,” he said. “Gov. Newsom has destroyed many lives of people who depended on their businesses and now he want to shut down again. He is a lie like all the left that are trying to destroy the USA.

“I ask all to fight this battle now,” he continued. “To get them all out. I’ve been attacked by my fellow peers, saying I am preaching violence. When the truth is they all are. The left are burning and destroying our cities. We are willing to fight for freedom. Not freedom to burn down our flag, but to raise her up, with the glory of this land of the free. But the left are trying to stop these truths.”

Voight indicated that the way ahead would not be easy. However, he said, it was up to righteous patriots to stand up for justice, the law, and the American way of life.

“Let us bring justice to the Supreme Court. Let them see how corrupt the left is with their fraudulent votes,” he said. “Let the truth show itself, that President Trump is the only man that can save this nation. Let us fight this evil now and know that God’s truths will expose them all. Let me ask all to pray in the name of Jesus, Moses, and all saints for their hands of safety to be on us now. The way in which we’re being targeted will be hard to fix. But with all your love and prayers and truths, we can win this battle against this evil force that has taken over this country.”

For the millions of Americans who saw in Trump one tremendous – and perhaps final – chance to save this country from its inexorable slide into European-style mediocrity, the election of Joe Biden is a tough pill to swallow. That “Obama’s third term” will be detrimental – there’s no doubt about it. It’s our job to make sure it isn’t outright disastrous. Hopefully, that effort will kick off by winning those two Senate races in Georgia.

If we can’t get that done…well, we’re in for a bad time.