Our National Parks Are In Danger Due to Plans to House Migrants

(TotalConservative.com) – Are you a nature-lover and admirer of national parks? Well, a Republican congressman says you better enjoy such places while they last, because the new strategy to deal with the migrant crisis may be to resettle them on national park lands.

Arizona Rep. Bruce Westerman, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, called on President Joe Biden and his administration to put an end to programs resettling migrants on designated National Park Service (NPS) land. During Wednesday’s committee hearing, Westerman used his time to focus on plans to construct migrant campsites on what he described as “some of America’s most treasured lands.”

Westerman’s request to deploy an administration official for policy discussion was denied by the Biden administration. The lawmaker said that it’s the duty of Congress “to conduct oversight” and that the committee won’t “tolerate” the president’s “bad policy” that’s destroying one of the “best ideas” in America, referring to designated National Park lands.

Since Spring 2022, over 100,000 migrants have come to New York City, Westerman said, not that the city is in such a dire situation that Mayor Eric Adams recently stated that if something more isn’t done by the federal government then the city will be destroyed.

Adams has been taking all sorts of measures to accommodate the new arrivals, including constructing a shelter in Floyd Bennet Field, an NPS recreational area. The city and NPS made a lease agreement to allow the construction of the encampment for migrants in an area typically used by residents for kayaking and fishing.

The Biden administration appears to be evading environmental regulations in order to speed up the construction process, something rarely done for Americans who need housing. Westerman said that the failed border policies of Biden will be “coming to a park near you” unless something is done to stop these plans.

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