Speaking to Breitbart on Sunday, outspoken conservative and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that Mitt Romney is “in Never Never Land” when it comes to amnesty. Romney said last week that Republicans could be counted on to pass a good amnesty bill if they won back the Senate on November 4th.

The criticism from Palin highlights one of the biggest divides when it comes to Republicans and illegal immigration. Establishment GOPers like John Boehner, Romney, and prospective 2016 nominee Jeb Bush have argued that some form of amnesty is the best move possible. Others, including Palin and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have taken a hard stance against amnesty, especially as it pertains to Obama’s promised executive action.

“Voters have one chance to stop them,” Palin said regarding Obama’s plan and Democrat complicity. “Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty will radically erode American sovereignty.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Romney believes that amnesty needs to be part of a comprehensive immigration reform package. He said last week that a good reform bill would include a “provision, first of all, to secure the border, second of all, to deal with those who have come here illegally, and third, to make sure our immigration policies are open and transparent to many people who do want to come here illegally.”

United Against Obama

While Palin and Romney may disagree on the specifics of a forward-thinking immigration plan, they agree that Obama’s way is the least acceptable. Romney made clear distinctions between his plan and the president’s, insisting that Americans disapprove of Obama’s tolerance for lawlessness when it comes to illegal aliens. The polls show that he’s right, although voters are still wary when it comes to anything resembling a path to citizenship for the country’s existing illegals.

Some, like Fox News analyst Pat Caddell, have accused Republicans of being weak when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. He criticized the GOP on Sunday, accusing the establishment of being beholden to “other masters” on the issue. Speaking in veiled tones, Caddell insinuated that Republicans in Washington were afraid the donation money would dry up if they took a Scott Brown-esque hardline approach on amnesty.

The Problem With Amnesty

Caddell may have a point. Amnesty does nothing to reduce illegal immigration. In fact, our own history shows that it has the exact opposite effect. Liberals and soft-hearted conservatives support it because they don’t want to send hard-working immigrants back home, splitting families in the process, but we have to think about the future of the country.

One of the biggest problems facing the U.S. today is a degradation of the rule of law. Handing amnesty to millions of people who broke the law to get into the country sends exactly the wrong message. That’s to say nothing of the sizable portion of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes of a much more serious nature. It’s to say nothing of the culture-loss that erodes our national identity. It’s to say nothing of the dramatic and unpleasant economic effects.

Republicans are going to have it out on amnesty over the next couple of months, but it will be the voters who lose if people like Romney get their way.