Pamela Price, Facing Recall, Says Families “Don’t Appreciate” DA Work

( – Alameda Country District Attorney Pamela Price has had a difficult time defending her decisions to avoid prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent the law allows. Infamous for denying interviews, the California DA finally sat for one which was cut short after the interviewer attempted to hold her to account for failure to meet with the family of one murder victim in her jurisdiction.

A recall effort in her district is attempting to remove her from office, and Price has described the people behind it as “election deniers” and compared them to January 6th protesters. But protesters draw attention to the death of Jasper Wu. The toddler was killed when a stray bullet from a nearby gun battle between rival gangs struck and killed the youngster. Price opted to not charge the arrestees to the fullest extent of the law; she prefers to not add on special modifiers for circumstances that would lengthen their prison sentence should they be convicted.

Betty Yu from KPIX in San Francisco was able to probe the DA about the killing. When asked about why she was being so lenient on criminals, Price responded that “some people are not able to appreciate the work we do.”

Price’s office has actively avoided interacting with the family of another murder victim, Blake Mohs. Mohs was a security guard at a Home Depot who was shot and killed during a robbery. The accused woman, Benicia Knapps, is black as is the man accused of being an accessory by driving their getaway vehicle, David Guillory. Both individuals were arrested shortly after the murder. Moh’s family was told that Price would not meet with them to discuss the charges against their son’s accused killer or her accomplice. Both of the accused are previously convicted felons, suggesting that the likelihood of future criminal activity is high.

Price refused to discuss specific cases when Yu attempted to show her a video of Moh’s mother or read her a transcribed statement of her words. Instead, the Geroge-Soros-funded soft-on-crime DA blamed systemic racism in the justice system as the real problem. Her PR person then abruptly terminated the interview.

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