The Washington Post’s headline promised a big scoop: Inside Donald Trump’s Strategic Decision to Target Muslims.

Oh no, this could be bad. The Post, still smarting after being barred from covering the campaign, was about to get their revenge. They were going to blow the lid off Trump’s sharp criticism of radical Islam. Do they have evidence that it’s a purely political show at odds with the candidate’s real feelings on the matter? The fallout could be catastrophic – a bad story at a time when Trump can scarcely afford one.

We click the story with apprehension. Man, this could be a nightmare.

And the shocking reason behind the “strategic decision to target Muslims” is quickly revealed:

“My perspective on this is very much formed by 9/11,” said Trump’s one-time political director Michael Glassner. “I worked at the World Trade Center. Those people were radical Islamists and they were trying to kill me and they killed 87 of my colleagues.”


“The San Bernardino terrorist attack, I think, put an even brighter light on this question about who are these people, how are they getting in, who is checking them, what are their intentions?” Glassner said.


So the Washington Post’s big scoop is that Trump’s suspicion of Muslims was formed by the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history and strengthened by the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino – all of which were also carried out by Muslims.

Well then.

They go on to quote a CAIR member, who says, “It’s that deliberate, systematic targeting of the Muslim community that really sends chills down my spine.”

Yeah…that’s so much more “chilling” than these attacks that kill 3,000 people, then 14, then more than a hundred, then another 49. Lord knows, we can’t make Muslims feel uncomfortable. They’re our greatest allies in the fight against terrorism, don’t you know? Despite the fact that they don’t seem to have done much of anything to stop it in the last 15 years. Despite the fact that we can barely get Muslim countries to join us in the fight against ISIS. Despite the fact that the only thing Islamic leaders seem capable of talking about after each of these attacks is “Islamophobia.” But sure, sure, they’re important allies. Whatever you say.

Look, there’s no question that Trump’s Muslim ban is an extraordinary measure. An unfortunate measure, perhaps. A measure of last resort.

But the time has come for measures of last resort. How high does the death toll need to go before we act? 5,000? 10,000? At what point do Americans finally say, you know what, we might have a bigger problem here than Islamophobia?

The shocking reason behind Trump’s proposals is not hate or bigotry or some cynical appeal to nativists. It’s common sense. And in a country overrun with tree-hugging liberals, idiocy is celebrated and common sense is “chilling.”

And that’s why we’re in the trouble we’re in.