Parents Sue School for Allowing Autistic Child’s Pronoun Switch

( – Parents in Michigan are suing their local school district for deciding to use male pronouns when addressing their autistic daughter without informing them or asking for consent.

After discovering that school staff have been permitted to use “he/him” pronouns for their daughter, Jennifer and Dan Mead filed a lawsuit against the Rockford Public School District on Monday, December 18. The parents found out that the district had already been using male pronouns for their daughter, who is in eighth grade, since the previous school year. The lawsuit argues that by using male pronouns and also a masculine name to refer to their daughter, the school violated the parent’s First Amendment rights and their Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The parents, represented in their case by the Alliance Defending Freedom, discovered what was going on over a year ago, in October 2022, after one of the school psychologists included their daughter’s designated masculine name in a report. Since becoming aware of what was going on, the Meads removed their daughter from the school and the district.

The Alliance Defending Freedom said in a statement to reporters that the parents initially thought the name on the report “was a mistake” and that information for another child “had been included” in the documents. When they inquired with district employees and requested they stop using the name and “he/him” pronouns, the Rockford Public School District “refused to comply” with the parents’ wishes. The lawsuit argues that by excluding the Meads, they were unable to help their daughter “in a difficult time in her life,” denying them Constitutional rights as parents by keeping information from them.

The complaint also mentions that the Meads decided after the incident that their daughter should be homeschooled, which required Dan Mead “to remain out of the workforce” and caused the family “to lose his income.” This is why the family is seeking compensatory damages of an unspecified amount because it cannot be determined yet how much the situation cost them as it continues to impact their household.

The Meads case is one of several similar cases popping up around the country as parents begin to fight back against so-called “gender ideology,” which is seeping into almost every school district and has become a major wedge issue between Democrats and Republicans.

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