Both Republicans and Democrats raising money for U.S. House campaigns have seen donations take a record-breaking turn in the first four months of Donald Trump’s presidency. According to new information from the Federal Election Commission, the two parties combined have raised $96.1 million in 2017’s first quarter, a figure that is 45% above where donations were at this time in 2015.

Bloomberg Politics reported that Republicans brought in $49.8 million in donations, while the Democrats picked up $46.3 million from their supporters.

And both sides, quite clearly, have President Trump to thank for the cash.

Bloomberg spoke to Michael Beckel of Issue One, a group trying to get money out of politics. Beckel said, “Heightened partisanship is good for fundraising. Republicans and Democrats are trying to keep their donor bases active at the dawn of the Trump presidency.”

The FEC reports also showed that Trump himself is benefiting from the windfall. His campaign mechanism took in $10.3 million in small-donor dollars for the first quarter, which Bloomberg describes as “an unprecedented amount for a president who won’t face voters again until 2020.”

It’s being called the Trump Effect, but it could also be said that the rise in donations and the rise of Trump are both effects of a greater political resurgence in the U.S. Trump the candidate in 2012 might very well have crashed and burned. Hillary the candidate in 2012 might have gotten the job done. But the last four years of the tyrannical Obama administration – combined and intertwined with extreme movements like the LGBT Army, Black Lives Matter, and radical feminism – pushed many Americans to the breaking point.

Trump is a symptom of our divide, not the cause. He is what happens when enough people say, “That’s it, I’ve had enough, I won’t accept one more minute of this crap.” He was the silent majority’s MOAB bomb.

Trump’s stunning ascendance, though, has undoubtedly energized people on both sides. While Republicans were simmering with frustration, Democrats were brimming with arrogance and complacency. Now the frustration has turned into an explosion and the arrogance has turned into abject horror.

The country won’t stay at this high-pitched level of polarization for long; it’s just too tiring for your average American to stay engaged in this stuff while also keeping up with the demands of life. Things will settle back down and hopefully, in that time, the Trump administration can start doing some real good for the people of this country.