On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that while inflation is a “global” problem, “some of the inflation in our country sprang from the fact that this president created” millions of jobs.

Pelosi stated, “[O]f course, we want to fight inflation. It’s a global issue. But some of the inflation in our country sprang from the fact that this president created nearly 10 million — at least 9 million jobs working with the private sector. The private sector creates a lot of that. And when you — as the distinguished chair of the Fed told me when I was a brand new member of Congress, Chairman Greenspan said, when you’re talking about inflation, unemployment can be dangerously low. So, they are not unrelated.”

She added, “I track these campaigns very carefully. I believe that we will have the mobilization to own the ground to turn out the vote, the clear message they want to — we want to give women freedom of choice. They want to have a ban on abortion. We want to support and strengthen Medicare, Social Security, etc. They want to use the debt ceiling to cut that. We want to — we have lowered the cost of prescription drugs for seniors. They want to reverse that. We want to save the planet for our children in the future. They say that that’s a hoax and that’s the argument they used on the floor to oppose the Inflation Reduction Act, which made historic gains for fighting the climate.”

Original Article: Pelosi: Inflation Is ‘Global Issue’ But Some of It Is Because Biden Created Jobs (breitbart.com)