According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are of two minds when it comes to impeaching Donald Trump. While she assured reporters at the National Press Club on Monday that there were cases being built against the president, she also claimed that her party was chiefly interested in bringing the country together.

“The case is being made about the emoluments clause and you have to have evidence and the rest, but the case has not fully been made,” she said. The fact is that when I was speaker after we won in ‘o6, people wanted me to impeach President Bush because of the war in Iraq. I never recovered with the left on this subject for not impeaching President Bush because of the war in Iraq. You don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies.”

After pontificating briefly over whether or not she could have brought impeachment charges against Bush, Pelosi said she had her doubts about the current case against Trump. On the other hand, she said, her ears were open.

“That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment,” she said. “But the fact is that we’re trying to unite the country. Many of the president’s supporters are just not ready to accept the face that their judgement might not have been so great in voting for him. And by the time the case is made, perhaps they’ll be ready to accept that.”

Well, it will have to be one hell of a case, because all you have now is a collection of rumors, partisan attacks, and baseless accusations. Oh, and we thank you, Ms. Pelosi, for bringing George W. Bush into this, because this is a good time to remind everyone that Democrats treated Bush in much the same way as they are treating Trump. They’re even re-using portions of the same playbook, casting Stephen Bannon in the “Lurking Evil” role previously played by Dick Cheney. You and the media are desperately trying to convince Americans that we’ve entered dangerous waters of an “unprecedented” nature…but yeah…that’s what you said the last time. And the time before that.

As for impeachment, well, that’s seems unlikely. To impeach a president, you’d have to first have control of the House of Representatives, and that’s really not in the cards. Oh, and you’d have to present evidence of wrongdoing – something stronger than Kellyanne Conway shilling Ivanka’s jewelry on television. By all means, though, prove to us that he’s in cahoots with Putin. Prove to us that he’s breaking the Constitution.

Or, you know, accept the outcome of the election and go back to your job. Either way…