Pentagon Confirms Ukraine Used US-Patriot System to Destroy Russian Missile

( – The US Pentagon confirmed on Tuesday that the Ukrainian troops managed to eliminate a Russian missile using the American-made Patriot defense rocket system, which many experts have said will play a crucial role in Ukraine’s defense against Russian troops.

During a press conference, the Pentagon’s main spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told local reporters that the Pentagon can officially confirm that Ukrainians destroyed “a Russian missile.” He explained that the Patriot missile defense system is just one part of a wide variety of air defense capabilities that Washington and its international allies have been providing to the Ukrainian government so it can protect its country from the Russian invasion.

Last Saturday, Ukrainian officials announced that a Patriot missile defense system was properly used to neutralize a hypersonic missile Russia launched against the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. While Russian state-controlled media outlets claimed this never happened, Ukraine’s Air Force commander Mikola Oleshchuk said in a Telegram post that the Patriot system eliminated a Russian Kinzhal, which is a missile that can travel up to 10 times the speed of sound.

The Pentagon’s confirmation is quite significant since this event would be the first use that the Ukrainian military has ever made of the US Patriot system, which Washington provided to Kyiv in December 2022 and arrived last month.

In the press conference, the Pentagon spokesman said that Washington and its international allies will keep rushing ground-based military equipment and air defense capabilities to the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky. He said this aid was important so Ukrainian soldiers can control the sovereignty of their skies and can properly defend Ukrainians from Iranian drones and Kremlin’s cruise missiles.

Over the last few months, experts have said that even when Ukraine is showing a better-than-expected military performance against the Russian military, the country will need plenty of military support from international partners to keep defending itself and executing counter-offensive operations.

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