Pentagon Denies Existence Of UFO Retrieval Program

( – The Pentagon responded to a recent whistleblower who claims the government runs a secret program to recover crashed alien technology by stating his claims are unsubstantiated.

The whistleblower, David Grusch, a decorated veteran of the Air Force, recently claimed the U.S. government runs a secret program to recover and reverse engineer exotic vehicles of non-human intelligence. Grusch also said that “dead pilots” have been recovered from such crash landings.

The story was published by The Debrief and was even talked about in the first episode of Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter, which he started this week after Fox News suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson Tonight last month.

A Department of Defense spokesperson said in an email to Fox News Digital on Tuesday that Grusch’s claims are unsubstantiated and could not be verified. The spokesperson, Susan Gough, represents the government body established to investigate UFOs, which are now referred to by the government as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). This program is called the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

Although Gough said AARO could not verify Grusch’s claims, they have established a process that is a “safe and secure” way of allowing anyone with information to come forward. She said they welcome any current or former government employee with relevant information to come forward, including current or former contractors.

NASA held a public hearing last week on the subject of UFOs, and the Director of AARO, Sean Kirkpatrick, stated that their office is currently engaged in the investigation of over 800 UAP cases, but that only a small percentage of these cases are “anomalous.”

Before leaving the government and making his claims public, Grusch followed all the proper protocols by notifying the DOD of his intentions to share his statements on the record with The Debrief, which were cleared by the Pentagon in April. Other current and former high-level military personnel also attested to Grusch’s character and professionalism.

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