On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards gave a speech at the Makers Conference where she encouraged pro-abortion advocates to let their baby-killing flags fly. Richards, who knows that the 2016 election put her company’s federal funding in jeopardy, told the audience that they should participate in protests, vote for politicians who support abortion, and share their own personal stories about the benefits of terminating a pregnancy.

Wait, what?

“I think it’s time for us to be bold,” Richards said. “Share your own story. This is the time to do it. Maybe you were a Planned Parenthood patient. Maybe you remember what it was like to be a young woman, trying to access birth control you could afford so you could finish school.

“Maybe,” she continued, “you had a pregnancy and you had to make a decision and thank goodness you could make that decision in consultation with your doctor and with your family, and not your member of Congress. Those stories are important to share, because you’ll never know the thousands of women that you give courage or comfort to.”

Yes, indeed. If there’s anything this country needs, it’s for women to be inspired, emboldened, and encouraged to end their inconvenient pregnancies. How else will people like Richards continue to enjoy the financial benefits of Planned Parenthood’s daily war on the unborn?

The word “sick” doesn’t even begin to describe what this woman stands for.

But this is just the next step in the ongoing quest to turn abortion into a medical procedure no more controversial than wart removal. The left has already succeeded in convincing millions of Americans that there’s nothing wrong with getting an abortion. Now they’re pushing the Overton window a little further along. Not only is abortion perfectly “fine,” it is in many cases preferable to carrying a pregnancy to term. What’s next? Well, it’s obvious, no? Soon, we’ll be told that it is a woman’s duty to have an abortion and that giving birth is a betrayal of one’s feminine independence.

This evil is a stain on our great nation, and it’s spreading rapidly.