Fresh off kicking out their president, Dr. Leana Wen, for not being politically aggressive enough, Planned Parenthood announced that they will forgo federal funding if it means they can no longer refer their patients for an abortion. While the organization’s stance is certainly no surprise, it proves conclusively that Planned Parenthood is much more interested in abortion “rights” than they are in providing true health care for women around the country.

The Maine chapter of Planned Parenthood tweeted this week: “We announced today that, after nearly 50 years as Maine’s Title X grantee, we will withdraw from the program rather than comply with the Trump-Pence Gag Rule. We won’t compromise on care or medical ethics. Our clinics are open and we are providing services just as we always have.”

The organization is referring to the Trump administration’s new “Protect Life Rule,” which denies Title X Family Planning Funds to any clinic that is connected to an abortion provider. If Planned Parenthood only devoted “3 percent” of their organizational care to abortion services, it would have been trivial for them to create a wall between their healthcare clinics and their abortion mills. But, of course, healthcare has NEVER had the slightest thing to do with this sick organization’s priorities. That’s why they got rid of Wen – she didn’t realize that the whole healthcare façade was just a phony political talking point, she thought it was real!

Planned Parenthood’s bought-and-paid-for Speaker of the House denounced the administration’s new rule in a statement: “The Trump Administration’s Gag Rule strikes a staggering blow to women’s basic health rights. This outrageous assault on the health care of vulnerable and underserved women and families would choke off their access to affordable contraception, critical health information and preventive health care, gravely undermining the health and strength of America.”

Oh, we quite doubt that cutting off funding to abortion clinics will undermine the health and strength of America. It’s actually insidious and disgusting to even say such a thing, though we’re sure she was given the wording from her nearest Planned Parenthood lobbyist. The jig is up for the abortion industry. Americans are finally fed up with the abortionists and their constant efforts to radicalize our abortion laws. They’re not buying the whole “abortion is women’s healthcare” nonsense. Things are changing.

It’s only natural that Planned Parenthood is going to throw a tantrum.