It has been lamented by many that Mother’s Day is just a way for the greeting card industry to rack up profits, but it is also apparently an excuse for Planned Parenthood to flood Twitter with some misguided propaganda. If you thought Mother’s Day might be the one time when abortion advocates would hold their tongues, think again.

Planned Parenthood offered four different “inspirational” cards on Sunday, each of them glorifying abortion in its own way. One featured a Nairobi mother who “has never used family planning, but wants her daughter to be able to use it to have more control over her future.”

Another card gives us Shawanna, a girl who got pregnant at 17. Planned Parenthood celebrates Shawanna for “terminating her pregnancy,” allowing her to come back to motherhood later in life after she had her career and finances in order.

Then there is this doozy, which you just have to see for yourself:



Weird phrasing, since Roe v. Wade did not suddenly permit American women to become mothers by choice. They already had that freedom. No, that ruling gave women the freedom to abort their babies by choice, a phrase that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Feminists have played musical chairs with abortion language since the beginning, but this is laughable even by their standards. Abortion now means the “right to be a mom by choice.” Awesome.

Complain as you will about commercialized American holidays, but there is something precious about setting a day aside to thank moms for doing what is often a thankless, discouraging, difficult job. As a culture in general, we probably spend less time than we should letting our families know that we love them and care about them. Should it take a Hallmark greeting card to say those things? Maybe not, but it is what it is.

For the abortion movement to co-opt such a holiday with their perverse message is just another sign of how out-of-step Planned Parenthood is with traditional American values. At a time when sons are making long-distance phone calls, restaurants are preparing for the lunch rush, and florists are running themselves ragged, this organization thinks it’s appropriate to celebrate the killing of babies. That’s not even the crazy part. The crazy part is that no one really seems bothered by it.

Liberals have managed to turn this country upside down. Stay-at-home mothers are vilified while women who seek abortions are held up as heroes. It is now noble to abort your baby so that your career doesn’t suffer. It is now acceptable to express hope that your daughter will have an abortion should she need one. Killing a baby in the womb is now “family planning.”

Maybe next year we can start a new holiday. I Didn’t Want to Be a Mother Day. Hallmark probably won’t get behind it, though, seeing as how the people who would have bought the cards were “choiced” out of their chance.