(TotalConservative.com) – ‘Minor-attracted person’ is the new politically correct term for child abusers and dangerous predators, according to a European Commission project. Police Scotland received public backlash for incorporating the language, as many found it an attempt to sugar-coat or ‘destigmatize’ the abuse of children.

The December 2022 outrage over the use of the term inspired Police Scotland to issue a statement on the subject, reaffirming that they do not employ the term internally and have lobbied consistently against its use. Scapegoating an EU project, they let the public know that their efforts successfully resulted in the term being pulled by 20 partner organizations within the EU. How the term was originally incorporated remains to be seen.

Anna Zobina is an activist working with a focus on migrant women in Europe who wrote to the EU commissioner to inquire how the term was initially adopted. The language she feels more acutely describes these individuals is “pedo-criminal.” MAP, she believes, legitimizes their attraction to children.

Zobina suggests that pro-pedophile lobbyists have been using the term since the 1990s. In recent years the term has been gaining popularity in academic circles. The rationale goes something like this: if we destigmatize attraction to children, pedophiles will seek treatment and thus not harm children.

Opponents argue that the stigma is the one last taboo that protects children from predatory adults.

This isn’t the first time pedophiles have attempted to legitimize their predatory interest in children. The Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was founded in 1974 in Scotland, and it functioned for about a decade lobbying for the “right” to abuse children. Thankfully they dissolved as most of their leadership was jailed. Guess what their crimes were…

Today we have organizations like Prostasia which calls itself a ‘child protection organization’ while running a ‘support club’ for pedo-criminals.

Activists for women and girls, like Jo Bartosch, believe this is a profoundly dangerous time where plain speaking and honesty are powerful weapons. She believes that we are primed for this last taboo to fall. Will it?

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