The FBI is investigating Noor Z. Salman, the wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, and may bring charges against her by the end of the week. According to sources inside the Bureau, Salman has admitted to driving her husband to the Pulse nightclub on at least one occasion for “reconnaissance” purposes.

Salman told authorities this week that she tried to talk her husband out of the attack, possibly just as he was leaving for Orlando on Saturday night.

What she did not do, however, was call the police.

Following the San Bernardino terrorist attack last year, Donald Trump suggested there were those in the Muslim community, including the family members of the killers, who knew what was going on. Like clockwork, everyone fell into their fainting chairs and admonished Trump for his offensive remarks. How dare you, sir! Don’t you know anything about Islam? Don’t you know that Muslims have “nothing whatsoever” to do with terrorism? My word!

This cycle is playing out again. Once again, Trump has theorized that Muslims protected Mateen instead of reporting his suspicious behavior to the authorities. And once again, everyone from Obama to Hillary to Paul Ryan is criticizing Trump for his gosh-darn insensitivity.

Trump, by the way, has never – not once, not even close – said or hinted that all Muslims are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. But then, he never called all Mexicans rapists and murderers, and you see how that played out.

What he has done, though, is shatter the facade of political correctness that has kept the United States from dealing with the problems that threaten her survival. He’s saying the things that are not said in Washington, even though they are said everywhere else. He’s laying down brutal truth after brutal truth, and the Media/Political establishment simply can’t stand it. People simply don’t say these things on Capitol Hill. They don’t say them in the private New York City clubs where media elites gather. This is the kind of stuff you hear on (gulp) conservative talk radio! Oh my.

When it comes to things like this, political correctness can be very dangerous. These firm boundaries aren’t just annoying, they are making it impossible to get to the truth. They are making it impossible to have any real debate about the important issues facing our country. The window of acceptable discussion keeps getting pushed further and further to the left, and “words” are the least of the victims.

First, they stop you from using the term “illegal immigration.” And then when you try to do something to stop it, they can say, “Stop what?”

And you say, “Uh, undocumented…uh…travel to the…uh…”

And everyone falls asleep because no one care about undocumented uhs.

It’s the same thing with radical Islamic terror. First, they stop you from using that term. And then when you try to do something to stop it, they can say, “Stop what?”

“Uh, violent extremism…uh…including strains of, er, certain religions…I mean, twisted interpretations that in no way reflect badly on the peaceful…”

And meanwhile, Democrats are saying, “Ban guns,” which is a message people can actually understand.

There is a thicker strain of “violent extremism” in this religion than anyone other than Donald Trump is willing to admit on a national, mainstream platform. Of course Muslims are covering for terrorists. Of course there are mosques preaching hatred to susceptible acolytes. Worse, there are often non-Muslim friends and neighbors who are so afraid of being thought a bigot that they willfully ignore the troubling signs of radicalization.

“See something, say something” is a useless recommendation when everyone from the president to the media refuses to acknowledge what that “something” might be.