For nearly a month now, the media has been telling us that there’s no reason for Democrats to panic over Donald Trump’s rising poll numbers. He may be closing up the gap in the national polls, but he still won’t be able to catch up to Hillary Clinton where it counts: the Electoral College. Thanks to her ground game in several crucial swing states, they told us, Clinton would still win in November even if she wasn’t doing so hot now.

Now that story is changing, however, as the poll numbers continue drifting towards the Republican nominee. Only a few short weeks after many liberals in the media declared that the race was all but over, even Hillary’s most dedicated cheerleaders are beginning to lose faith.

Much of that faith was shaken on Saturday with the release of a new Reuters survey. According to the news agency, Hillary Clinton was still the favorite to win 270 electoral votes, but her edge on Trump was narrowing by the day. In only a week’s time, Hillary’s predicted advantage over Trump went from 83% to only 60%. Florida, which analysts have been giving to her since the start of the fall campaign, is now headed towards the Trump column. Some pundits think that Colorado will be the next to fall.

Right now, it is a waiting game to see what the newest polls mean. Is this just a reaction to Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” mistake? Is this a sign that voters are growing more wary about her health in the wake of her bout with pneumonia? Or is this a sign that Americans in general have finally hit their limit when it comes to Hillary’s non-stop campaign of deception?

Trump, meanwhile, has been firing on all cylinders. Absent any actual missteps, the media has been trying their damnedest to create controversy out of thin air. But Trump’s “feud” with a black pastor in Detroit and his statement on the birther issue have not gained any steam. If Trump’s past controversies didn’t cost him the election, the media’s invented scandals sure as hell aren’t going to do it.