The day after we learned that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is facing a double-digit deficit to his Antifa-aligned opponent in the 2020 mayoral race, we get this news: The progressive district attorney who presides over Multnomah County, Oregon is letting nearly 70% of Portland rioters arrested for destruction go free without any charges. Put these two factoids together, and it becomes clear that Portland has fallen under the dark hand of radical leftism, and it may be impossible to rescue this once-great city from the consequences.

On Thursday, the DA’s office released the following numbers, showing that of the 974 cases that have been referred to the office for prosecution, 666 of them have been rejected – most of them dismissed “in the interest of justice”:

  •     974 demonstration-related cases have been referred to MCDA;
  • 182 of those cases are pending review;
  •     95 felony cases have been issued;
  •     33 misdemeanor cases have been issued;
  •     543 cases have been rejected in the interest of justice;
  •     44 cases have been rejected due to insufficient evidence
  •     12 cases have been rejected due to a legal impediment
  •     67 cases have been rejected pending investigative follow up from law enforcement. These cases can be resubmitted to the district attorney’s office for prosecutorial review once law enforcement completes its follow up.

These stats, while stunning to any disinterested observer, shouldn’t come as any great shock. After all, District Attorney Mike Schmidt essentially told everyone at the outset of the riots that he would drop “lesser charges that the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) often arrests protesters for, such as rioting, disorderly conduct, and ‘interfering with a peace officer’—a catch-all term for not following orders or bothering a cop.”

It’s rare to see a district attorney release a statement dripping with so much latent hostility towards law enforcement, but we’re talking about a pretty rare city in a damned rare year. And from the district attorney’s office to the mayor’s office, Portland area officials have made it clear that if it comes down to a choice between police and Molotov-cocktail-throwing protesters, they’re going to side with the protesters every single time.

All we can say is that if you’re a “normal” resident of Portland or Multnomah County, get out while the getting is good. It won’t be long before it will literally become impossible to sell your house. You don’t want to be trapped in this Communist experiment when it (inevitably) goes to hell.