Professor Scott Yenor of Boise State University is under fire from students after he wrote articles disagreeing with the dominant liberal position on transgender issues. Yenor argued in his articles, which were published at the Heritage Foundation and the Daily Signal websites, that there was much in common between the feminist movement and the current transgender propaganda – both of which are aimed at deteriorating traditional family values.

“Transgender rights activists are seeking to abridge parental rights by elevating the independent choices of young children,” Yenor wrote in August. “Respecting the sexual and gender ‘choices’ of ever-younger children erodes parental rights and compromises the integrity of the family as an independent unit.”

In an op-ed for the BSU Odyssey newspaper, student Ryan Orlando said it was time for the university to “part ways” with Professor Yenor:

The primary piece I’d like to call attention to is one he published just 10 days ago titled “Transgender Activists Are Seeking to Undermine Parental Rights.” Although the bulk of the content is repulsive, I will emphasize just a few passages.

Winning public sanction for same-sex marriage was the last great feminist victory. Same-sex marriage undermined sex roles within marriage. It put children ever more outside the purpose of marriage. It reinforced the idea that all means of sexual satisfaction are equal.

Where will the radical feminist revolution roll to next?

This is a blatantly inappropriate statement and frankly the root of much homophobia. Yenor is obsessed with the idea of procreation within heterosexual marriage (which, by the way is possible for queer folk). As if it is not bad enough that this man is quite literally endorsing the obsolete, archaic notion of sex roles, he has just informed the public that he believes one type of relationship to be inferior to the others. Let’s be clear: that belief is one which is frequently used to justify exclusion of queer folk and depict them as a threat to society. It should come as no surprise that this appears immediately underneath the passage.

Orlando’s op-ed is not meant as a public argument against Yenor’s point-of-view, of course. It is meant to alert Boise administrators that there is a TERRIBLE MONSTER on the faculty and remind them of their responsibility to rid the progressive campus of this conservative cancer. It is beyond this student’s scope of comprehension that one can have certain beliefs about same-sex marriage and transgender children without being a bigot who wants to put gays in the gas chamber. He remarkably says, at one point, that Yenor’s philosophy on gender is that there are only two and that “deviation from this truth must be excluded, punished, and under no circumstances promoted.” He says this before going on to recommend that Yenor be excluded and punished and under no circumstances promoted for his views on feminism and queer issues.

While distancing themselves from Yenor’s articles, Boise administrators have said they will not take disciplinary action against the professor for his views. That’s good enough, but we’ll have to wait and see how long BSU can stiffen its backbone against the anti-free speech forces that lurk in the student body. The record on college campuses lately has not been promising. Let’s hope that Boise State University can provide a better example.