Project Veritas Posts and Deletes Disturbing Tweet

( – The investigative journalist non-profit Project Veritas posted a mysterious tweet on Thursday, the meaning of which became obvious later that day. Someone on the Project Veritas team posted “SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all,” which was quickly deleted afterward.

Giles is the new CEO of Project Veritas who was brought on board in April months after former CEO and founder James O’Keefe parted ways with the organization. O’Keefe violated the non-profit’s bylaws and refused to cooperate with an internal investigation. Giles worked with O’Keefe on the 2009 ACORN sting operation, which was their first major story before Project Veritas was founded.

Although it was deleted immediately afterward, the tweet was later confirmed to be true by multiple employees who were let go. Over 25 people were fired between Monday and Thursday. One former employee anonymously reported to The Post Millennial that Giles was a “lying sack of sh*t,” and that “no one respected her anyway.”

On Monday, five employees were fired, including Pam Brown, the executive producer. Twenty more were let go on Thursday, including Kalen Eriksson, the senior producer under Brown who did the leg work in bringing to life some of O’Keefe’s biggest productions while at Project Veritas, and journalists James Lalino and Christian Hartsock.

Hartsock was there from the very beginning with O’Keefe and Giles as a protegé of conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart. Lalino came into the picture later and became a more regular on-air face after O’Keefe’s departure. Hartstock tweeted some cryptic things after the layoff which seem directed at Giles, and Lalino made a statement on Instagram.

The Board of Directors cut all of production, media, and investigations, which means it may be the end of any meaningful content coming out of the organization, although those who work there certainly did their best to keep the ship afloat after donations dried up following the split with O’Keefe.

Just a couple of months ago, Project Veritas launched a breach of employment contract lawsuit against O’Keefe. And the day after the last batch of firings, now it appears the Westchester County District Attorney will be investigating O’Keefe, possibly for allegations of misusing donor funds while CEO of Project Veritas.

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