Protesters Gather at Tennessee Capitol in Support of Democratic Lawmakers Facing Expulsion

( – A large group of protesters gathered at the Tennessee Capitol on Thursday in support of three Democratic lawmakers who may be expelled for playing a role in a protest supporting gun control.

The protesters entered the building and chanted outside the House chamber loud enough to interrupt the proceedings inside as the Republican-dominated House was preparing to vote on whether or not Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Pearson, and Justin Jones should be ousted. Such a vote is a rare occurrence.

All three lawmakers walked onto the House floor on Thursday morning holding hands as the gathered supporters cheered and Jones raised a fist. During the Pledge of Allegiance, Pearson also raised a fist to the crowd.

The reason the three lawmakers are up for expulsion is because of the role they played in a protest last week in response to The Covenant School shooting in Nashville where six people were killed by transgender-identifying Audrey Hale.

Supporters of the Democratic lawmakers and of more gun-control legislation argue that Republicans, who hold the supermajority in the House, are trying to silence their political opponents.

Outside the chamber, demonstrators chanted and waved signs which read “You can silence a gun, but not the voice of the people” or “school zones shouldn’t be war zones.”

The contrary position to those who want more restrictions on guns is that schools should actually have armed guards like stadiums and airports do, or even allow teachers to carry firearms. Earlier this week, Rep. Thomas Massie was caught on camera arguing this point with Rep. Jamaal Bowman where Massie stated that all of the data shows that no shootings have ever taken place at a school where teachers are armed.

In the event of Pearson, Jones, and Johnson’s expulsion, replacements will be selected by the county commissions in each district who will serve for a few months until a special election is held, in which the three expelled lawmakers will still be eligible to run.

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