Public Sentiments Against Ukrainian War Grow

( – The war in Ukraine is losing steam, and much of the public across western nations is losing interest in continuing the conflict.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called for an immediate end to the conflict and the beginning of earnest negotiations, however unlikely that may be. He also added that Greece would continue to support Ukraine “as long as this irrational war continues.” Does Dendias know that the peace agreement was violated, repeatedly, by Ukraine?

Ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel even admitted publicly that the accords were never intended as a lasting peace agreement. Was there accountability from the U.N. or NATO or any Western leaders when Ukraine broke the accords?

Putin has repeatedly offered negotiations only to be rebuffed by President Zelensky, an actor whose scantily clad shenanigans have made multiple rounds on the internet. Is Zelensky qualified? How did he even end up as President of Ukraine?

His latest angry scree also went viral, in the short clip Zelensky says American sons and daughters “will have to fight” in the same way Ukrainians have. It seems the ex-actor now believes he’s President of the United States as well as Ukraine.

That could be the case. On Tuesday, February 28th, Biden’s third highest official at the Department of Defense, Dr. Colin Kahl was asked by Rep. Ro Khanna during an inquiry in the House, roughly how many more times did he think the U.S. would have to give Ukraine aid?

Admitting he didn’t know, Kahl reiterated President Biden’s rhetoric on the subject, suggesting the U.S. continue to fund Ukraine “as long as it takes” for them to win the war. Currently, Congress has allocated over $113 billion with very little oversight as to how that money is spent.

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