Rachel Maddow Defeats Fox News In Key Ratings

(TotalConservative.com) – Rachel Maddow helped MSNBC achieve a ratings victory over Fox News during primetime on Monday, June 5th. The arch-liberal media network scored 1.86 million average viewers from 8 to 11 pm, during her time slot. Fox News scored a close second with 1.73 million average viewers for the same period.

MSNBC also trounced Fox in the key demographic group (25-54) scoring 170,000 viewers to Fox’s 119,000. CNN scored 529,000 average viewers but had 126,000 in the key demo, putting it higher than Fox News for that metric.

The defeat would have been unlikely had the latter kept Tucker Carlson on the air, who averaged roughly 3 million nightly viewers for his 8 pm show. He scored an average of almost half a million in the key demo, according to The Wrap’s analysis of 2022 numbers. Carlson also had the most diverse audience, getting a higher share of liberal and self-described Democrat viewers than other conservative shows.

It was also the most popular primetime news program among Democrats in the key demo at the time. That mantle has now been handed off to Rachel Maddow with 222,000 viewers in that category, with a broader average of 2.46 million total views.

She was still beaten by Fox’s “The Five” for daytime viewing which had an average of 2.64 million views with 309,000 in the key demo. “The Five” airs at 5 pm, well before primetime.

The timing couldn’t be better for Maddow who is expanding her content output to include a 6-episode limited podcast series with “Rachel Maddow Show” producer Isaac Davy-Aronson called “Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News.” The podcast will feature Maddow introducing a news topic with one of her famous monologues which will lead into Davy-Aronson giving background and pertinent history on the subject.

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