Well, it’s racism all the way down at the University of Chicago, where a group of anti-cop, anti-racist protesters continues to make trouble on campus.

These protesters, who appear to be among the least competent in the nation, already made fools of themselves in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death. That was when they locked themselves up in the university’s police department offices and refused to come out until the agency was defunded. However, when the cops kept the protesters from getting pizza delivered to themselves, the sit-in dissolved in rapid fashion.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

This month, the group is back at it…though their demands do not appear to be any closer to coming to fruition.

From the Daily Wire:

The new occupation, the Washington Free Beacon reports, is demanding “the abolition of the university’s police force, the formation of cultural centers, and the development of a ‘Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Department.’ The new department, the group writes, would be required to teach ‘revolutionary histories, abolish all academic penalties … [and] redistribute resources to students and communities of color.’”

The University of Chicago’s provost responded to protesters’ demands in an open letter, flatly refusing to defund the UChicago campus police, and noting that protesters have repeatedly declined invitations to private meetings with school administration.

“I have offered to meet with the protesters,” the letter read. “In fact, since their occupation of the UCPD headquarters on June 11, we have communicated a standing invitation for representatives of the group to meet with me. We reiterated that offer again this week. However, they have refused, insisting that even the initial meeting must be conducted in a public forum and focus on how to implement their demand to defund and disband the UCPD. They have rejected a constructive dialogue about their concerns and the UCPD.”

Just like the first time around, this round of protests has been characterized with a similar level of unintentional comedy.

On Friday, the students attempted to keep Chicago Police officers from interrupting their sit-in by forming a barricade against them. Within a matter of moments, however, the officers easily dismantled the barricade, which was made with a mattress, a few decorative chairs, and a small row of sandbags. The protesters, stripped of their fortress, were then ordered to disperse.

Interestingly, these racial justice protesters have themselves been accused of racism. Last week, when their protests failed to make a difference, they showed up to the home of university provost Ka Yee Lee and spray-painted offensive messages.

“The demonstrators spray-painted messages in the street immediately outside her house,” the Free Beacon reported. “Written in Chinese characters was, ‘Don’t you care about your reputation’ and, more offensively, ‘F—k your mother.’”

Keep it classy, y’all. As always.