Raw Materials Shortage Leaves Pentagon Scrambling

(TotalConservative.com) – It seems the US Department of Defense is having a tough time maintaining production levels to meet the demands of the war in Ukraine, according to a Washington Post report on Saturday about how homeland security could be jeopardized by a shortage of materials.

Contractors for the US military are expected to soon double the standard rate of artillery round production for NATO before the current phase of the Ukraine war, but it may not be enough. The Washington Post described Ukraine’s demand as an “astonishing hunger for artillery ammunition,” which may not be possible to sustain while US home reserves also require restocking.

The Pentagon’s efforts to replenish are being hampered by a raw material shortage, especially explosive TNT that’s no longer produced within the US and is mostly obtained from Poland. The Pentagon is now seeking new suppliers following the loss of Zarya as a production partner after the region voted to join Russia last year.

Explosive TNT is used to propel large artillery shells, and a lack of the material is disrupting the capabilities of contractors to meet production demands.

Most of the material depletion is due to supporting Ukrainian counteroffensive efforts against Russia, which invaded over a year ago.

Last week, President Joe Biden asked Congress for another $20.6 billion to aid Ukraine in their war effort while federal officials begin to question if the entire ordeal has been a total failure. Since June, only a few villages have been retaken and over 43,000 Ukrainian troops died in the process with almost 5,000 pieces of military equipment lost.

As the war drags on, many Americans are wondering why so much of their money is being sent to fund the side that seems to be losing while their own country struggles economically. Former President Donald Trump has been a vocal opponent of the war, and claims he could end the conflict in 24 hours if elected again to the White House.

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