“Ready for Ron” PAC Is Actually Taking Resources Away From The Governor

(TotalConservative.com) – Fox News was informed by a close source associated with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that the political action committee Ready for Ron isn’t helping DeSantis, but is actually “a grift.” According to a memo from his political team last summer during his campaign for re-election, the PAC is not affiliated with DeSantis and donations did not benefit his re-election efforts.

It’s no secret that a lot of conservatives want to see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis run for president in 2024, and even Former President Donald Trump appears to see DeSantis as a potential rival. Although he has put all of his focus into his home state of Florida and re-election as governor, as well as dismissing questions about a presidential run, there have been some hints that DeSantis may decide to run.

The Ready for Ron PAC stated on Thursday that it will spend over $3 million over the next few months to boost DeSantis’ reputation, which is already well-known, and galvanize a grassroots campaign just in case the Florida governor decides to enter the 2024 presidential race and shoot for the GOP nomination.

In their memo from last summer, DeSantis’ campaign stated that the Ready for Ron committee is “engaging in an aggressive media campaign to promote itself” using ads as well as “actively soliciting contributions from [DeSantis] supporters.”

Support for the Florida Governor has increased rapidly not just in Florida over the last few years but across the entire country, and it seems Ready for Ron banked on that. Now they are filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission stating their intention of spending $3.3 million over the next half-year on television ads, digital ads, and promotions via mail and telephone – all before a presidential run is even announced.

The PAC was formed in May of 2022. Its chief strategist is Ed Rollins, a former Republican consultant.

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