There’s a very good reason that we heard so many hysterical, over-the-top, downright deceitful attacks on the GOP’s tax cut bill in recent weeks: Democrats were scared silly that this thing would actually pass. And when voters suddenly get a massive cash infusion across the country and these corporate tax breaks unleash the true power of the American economy…boy, watch out, because the left’s dream of taking back Congress in the 2018 midterms will become a fantasy worthy of Hollywood. In other words, it’s over. Done. Kaput. Put a fork in it. Republicans just won the ballgame.

The lies surrounding the Republican Party’s attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare were bad enough, but they were nothing compared to the attacks on the tax bill. Over the last month, the Democrats and the mainstream media have taken total leave of any journalistic or public integrity to crush this bill under an avalanche of lies. Remarkably (or perhaps not, considering the stranglehold the left has on the media), these lies have had a powerful effect on voters. Recent polls show that the majority of voters – even a majority of REPUBLICAN voters – think this tax bill will ultimately be harmful to their pocketbooks. That shows an extraordinary failure of messaging on the part of the GOP and the Trump White House, but in an environment such that it is, perhaps there was nothing they could do.

What matters if that they did not let it get to them. Unlike the Obamacare fiasco, we didn’t see Republicans nervously changing their votes at the last minute because they were so terrified by what they were seeing in the polls. They committed to a course of action and they saw it through to the end. Come hell or high water, they were determined to pass this bill, even if it had a 1% favorability rating by the time it came up for a vote. Things never got quite that bad, and they indeed managed to push it through to the president’s desk.

And now Democrats are in trouble.

They’re in trouble because it won’t be long before their hysterical lies will be shown up for what they always were. How are they going to explain to their voters that the Republican tax bill was a monstrosity when their voters are holding the cuts in their hands? How are they going to campaign against the GOP when the economy is soaring to unprecedented heights? Do they really think their pathetic “war on women” messaging is going to matter in the face of such a boom? No, they don’t. They know what they’re looking at, and they knew that their only chance to avoid it was to sink this bill with all the propaganda they could muster. That chance is over, and now they’re left holding the basket of lies they told to keep their voters from prospering.

Tough luck.