For some reason, liberals believe that society works best when there are more laws, more centralized government, and fewer freedoms. Contrary to the lessons of recorded history – contrary to the innate freedom that lies within the human heart – they believe that the closer American citizens are to slavery, the better.

Unless we want the country to become something unrecognizable in the next century, we must reawaken a love for freedom in our young people. We must hearken back to the lessons of our forefathers, who realized that freedom should only be restricted to the point where it would be necessary for public safety. And that any other restrictions of natural freedom should be regarded as nothing less than tyranny.

Heroes of History

For many years, educators knew exactly how to accomplish this. You passed down stories of heroism, many of which could be found in the narratives of Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the revolutionaries who breathed life into this awesome thing we now call the United States of America. Did we give these stories a slant that excused some of the more unpleasant aspects? Perhaps, but it wasn’t done for the weird, racist reasons the left claims. It wasn’t done to build up a kind of brainwashed patriotism. It was done so that children could learn what liberty was all about. And so they could learn that their ancestors were willing to risk life and limb to protect it.

That form of history is now history itself. Today, children are taught a much different story. If they hear of the founding fathers at all, they learn that they were slave owners and religious kooks. If they hear tale of Christopher Columbus, it is to demean the man and lament the tragedy of the American Indian. There is a place for historical scholarship, certainly, but we have to be careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Personal Liberty

Depending on the government is the opposite of freedom. If our kids were taught the value of self-reliance, the thought of accepting entitlements would be abhorrent to one and all. The thought of lying around all day while someone else works to put food in your mouth would be a shameful one. But kids are not taught this, at least not in school. Why, we could offend someone if we taught that lesson! Instead, let’s teach kids that most Americans are oppressed, Christianity is evil, and that everyone other than white men are victims. Then there is no shame in taking welfare. Then there is no reason to stand up for liberty. And then, when a socialist president comes along to stomp all over the Constitution, it doesn’t mean that much. After all, the rag was written by racists and Christians and genocidal colonialists.

History is unique among disciplines in that there is no one right way to teach it. Even the best history books must make choices about how to present the facts, which facts to include, which ones to omit, which people to include, and so on. Faced with the understanding that the same event can be seen in an almost-unlimited number of “right” ways, shouldn’t we at least choose ways that empower our young people? That strengthen a belief in liberty? I think so.