Not content with characterizing religious freedom as an excuse to discriminate against gays, the left now claims that these laws will permit a man to beat his wife with legal impunity. Well, and why not? They got this country to believe in one set of lies, so why not shoot for the moon? Hell, they could tell people that the laws will lead to a systematic execution of every atheist in the South, and they would probably find their audience hanging on every word.

At issue is a new religious liberty bill being proposed in Louisiana. House Bill 707, named the “Marriage and Conscience Act,” is being introduced by Rep. Mike Johnson. Defending the bill to, Johnson accused the left of “intentionally engaging in a campaign of fear, intimidation, and misinformation.”

Those aren’t difficult charges to prove, considering what ACLU lawyer Marjorie Esman had to say about the bill. According to her, this law could permit men to physically abuse their wives without fearing prosecution. A domestic abuser “could say ‘it is my moral conviction that my spouse can submit to discipline from me,'” Esman said. “It basically dismantles the Louisiana legal system. The whole criminal code goes out the window.”

Johnson insists that this kind of rhetoric is as absurd as it sounds. “The language of HB 707 is very clear: it is squarely and only about preventing the government from discriminating against any citizen for their views about marriage.”

Bah. Get out of here with your confusing facts. The left isn’t concerned with any of that. They have learned through the Ferguson case that they can literally make up any story they want and the media trumpet it without any regard for the truth. Before you know it, the country is in an uproar about nothing at all. Jesus, we have people thinking they can change the weather by taking shorter showers.

The wording of this Louisiana bill states that the government cannot discriminate against an individual based on their beliefs about marriage. That’s all it says! And the left is against that. A lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union is against this simple concept! If you ever want to generate a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, just think about how much social support they’ve garnered for what can only be described as fascism. History is riddled with examples of societies giving up their freedoms, but I’m not sure they’ve ever given them away for something as stupid as gay wedding cakes.

In an environment where the left can spin any tale, they can accomplish any goal. Any goal at all. Independent information is the only thing keeping them in check, which makes the government takeover of the internet all the more disturbing. It can’t just be Fox News vs. the world. We can’t let truth become a thing of the past.