Rep. Bennie Thompson Denies Selective Editing Of January 6 Footage

( – Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is demolishing the Democratic narrative surrounding the events of January 6th, 2021. After being passed thousands of hours of footage, Carlson aired segments on his prime-time Fox News show which challenged the narrative that Trump attempted to lead an insurrection that day.

Airing footage previously unseen, Carlson showed largely peaceful protesters walking around the Capitol. In one segment, Carlson shared footage of the now-infamous Qanon shaman Jacob Chansley being escorted through the building by police, suggesting he wasn’t violating any laws as the police consistently aided and abetted his journey.

Carlson suggested that the narrative has been largely a lie, that most of the protesters at the Capitol that day violated no laws, and even those who entered the Capitol illegally were let in by armed security.

When asked by Kerry Picket of the Washington Times, Rep. Bernie Thompson (D-MS) who chaired Nancy Pelosi’s Inquisition or rather, the House Select Committee On January 6th, denied selectively editing the footage or presenting a false narrative. When confronted by the facts, Thompson denied knowing who Jacob Chansley was, as well as the fact he was sentenced to nearly 4 years for his brief parade inside the Capitol.

While never accused of anything violent, Chansley was dragged by the corporate press as violent for reasons that have since become apparent. It’s much harder to cast a nonviolent protester as the ringleader of an ‘armed insurrection’ when he was neither armed nor engaged in insurrection.

Carlson accused the committee of presenting edited footage to make their claims of chaos and violence seem more valid than they actually are when the full context of the day was taken into account. That would explain why Democrats have attempted to prevent such a release and why they’ve been lamenting it nonstop, additional evidence (denied to the J6 defendants by the way) would exculpate many and demolish their narrative of a ‘violent Trump-led insurrection.’

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