Rep. Fallon Predicts Biden Will “Lawyer Up” to Avoid Truth

( – House Representative Pat Fallon told Newsmax viewers that he anticipates President Joe Biden will “lawyer up” to avoid the facts of his vast influence peddling scheme coming out before the public.

He explained during an appearance on the “Chris Salcedo Show” that each time they’ve subpoenaed bank records from a member of the Biden family they’ve discovered more foreign money being laundered by numerous “shell companies” before ultimately ending up in their personal accounts.

Fallon said that “honest people doing honest business” simply don’t require multiple shell companies or move money around the way Biden and his family have. He also pointed out that there’s still no legitimate explanation about what the funds were in exchange for, elaborating further that everyone suspects they were given in exchange for influence in official government policy. That’s a bribe in common parlance.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed multiple members of the Biden family including First Son Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James Biden, and another man named Rob Walker who’s done business with the Biden family to give depositions regarding their financial affairs.

Comer said that they’ve “followed the money” and collected ample evidence that demonstrates President Joe Biden “knew, was involved in, and benefited” from a family business operation that appears to exist solely to sell access to and influence his policy proposals. The subpoenas will allow the Committee to bring in individuals and allow them to explain the evidence gathered so far.

Comer pointed out that Biden has repeatedly lied about his family’s business dealings to the American people, whereas bank records are objective. He said the records further demonstrate that Biden sold his brand of influence around the world using his family as brokers, and that harmed U.S. national interests while benefitting him personally. He said they will continue to lay the facts out for the American people and demand accountability for his allegedly criminal behavior.

The subpoenas occurred during a backdrop of Biden meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 15th. The pair are anticipated to discuss the Ukrainian war with Russia, Israel’s war with Hamas, North Korea, and more.

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