Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s YouTube Channel Linked to Conspiracy Theories and Controversial Content

( – Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the New York congressman who pulled a fire alarm to disrupt a vote last year, allegedly maintained an account on YouTube that is subscribed to various accounts that promote conspiracy theories, some of which have concerning antisemitic roots.

Reporters discovered that Bowman had a personal YouTube page called “Inner Peace.” The account was active as recently as last month, saving videos and creating playlists, and followed several other YouTube pages posting videos about everything from UFOs and aliens to “flat Earth theory” and the Illuminati.

Some of the accounts followed by “Inner Peace” also seem to disseminate Russian and Chinese propaganda. One such example is BreakThrough News, which has videos about the Ukraine war from pro-Russian angles. Additionally, BreakThrough News shares a lot of anti-Israel content. Bowman, who is a member of the controversial “Squad,” has been vocally pro-Palestinian, critical of the Jewish state, and has called for a ceasefire in the ongoing military operation against Hamas.

Another page followed by “Inner Peace” was Real News Network, which features a lot of anti-Israel content, too, including interviews with pro-Palestinian activist and professor Norman Finkelstein. Bowman introduced and praised Finkelstein at a panel discussion in January, claiming he was “starstruck” when he met the professor and that he watched Finkelstein “all the time on YouTube.”

One of the ways the report from the Daily Beast confirmed Bowman’s connection to the YouTube channel is that it also featured pictures and video recorded at the Bronx middle school founded by the congressman and where he worked as a principal for a decade. In a subsequent report from the New York Post, reporters found that the “Inner Peace” YouTube page could no longer be located, although it’s unclear if it was taken down.

Bowman made it into the headlines last year after he pulled a fire alarm at the Capitol to try and interrupt a key vote. The incident was captured on surveillance camera and Bowman was charged with a misdemeanor, to which he pled guilty.

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