Rep. James Comer Calls to Investigate Secret Service for Assisting Hunter Biden

( – Kentucky Rep. James Comer is calling for the Secret Service to be investigated. Comer says the agency took part in protecting Hunter Biden, a plot he called “bizarre” as the Biden family did not technically have Secret Service protection at the time.

Comer is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee. On Monday, he went on Fox & Friends First to discuss a brand new report about a series of emails raising concerns about the role the agency played in an incident involving Hunter Biden’s pistol which was found in a dumpster in 2018. It was allegedly disposed of by Hunter Biden’s girlfriend, Hallie, who feared Biden would use it to kill himself.

The Secret Service won’t say exactly why they twice changed their position on Hunter Biden’s gun records after a Freedom of Information Act request made by government watchdog Judicial Watch. Initially, the agency said they located records related to the inquiry but a year later told the watchdog their response was an error and they actually had no records. Then they changed their tune again, disclosing a month later that they did, in fact, find over 100 records (a total of 487 pages) related to the FOIA request.

The emails, which started in October 2020, are damning as they demonstrate the Secret Service knew they should not have been involved. One agent questioned their involvement in an email by calling it “odd” considering “neither Hunter or Joe were receiving USSS protection at the time.”

In his statement, Comer noted “numerous instances where the Secret Service came and tried to bail Hunter out when he was in a jam,” and that “there was about a two-and-a-half-year period” when the Bidens weren’t provided Secret Service protection yet “numerous instances where the Secret Service always showed up to try and help Hunter Biden.”

Comer concluded by stating that the POTUS “needs to come forward and be transparent” with the American People as well as the House Oversight Committee.

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