You know what, we give up. Apparently, we’re just not meant to make it long-term as a species. Forget about wearing masks, practicing social distancing, or washing your hands, because it’s clear that the real threat to our human race is not this specific coronavirus but rather plain old human stupidity. That’s the only grim lesson we can take from reports over the weekend that Chinese wet markets are back up and running after unleashing one of the worst global pandemics in modern history.

From The Daily Caller:

Chinese “wet markets” have reportedly reopened, selling cats, bats, and dogs for human consumption.

A Mail on Sunday correspondent reported seeing meat markets open back up for business after the Chinese government ordered a ban on the sale of wild animals such as bats following reports they may have contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.

“The markets have gone back to operating in exactly the same way as they did before coronavirus,” said a correspondent in Dongguan. “The only difference is that security guards try to stop anyone taking pictures which would never have happened before.”

The coronavirus was first detected in the city of Wuhan in November, but according to the Daily Mail, Chinese locals view the pandemic as a solved issue in the country and have reportedly gone back to life before the virus.

“Everyone here believes the outbreak is over and there’s nothing to worry about anymore. It’s just a foreign problem now as far as they are concerned,” said a China-based correspondent who took photographs published by the outlet.

Researchers have yet to scientifically pinpoint exactly where the new coronavirus came from, but it is widely believed that they came from a wet market in Wuhan, where animals of all kinds are slaughtered live on the premises. These animals include dubious species like bats, which are known carriers of coronaviruses. Whether or not the animal in this particular instance was a bat or whether some bat blood got mixed in with some chicken…we just don’t know the specifics. But we do know that scientists have, for years, pointed at these markets as public health disasters waiting to happen.

The fact that Chinese officials allowed these markets to operate before this virus was unleashed was already unacceptable. The fact that they are apparently letting them re-open now? After loosing a virus on the world that has killed 39,000 people and counting? Unacceptable isn’t the word for it. This is negligence to a degree that can only be deemed criminal. Indeed, if we were to term it an act of war, it would still be an understatement.

“We have known for more than a decade that wet markets are a disease timebomb,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday. “This is not the first virus to emanate from them. But it looks like even after a global crisis, China continues to threaten the rest of us with wet markets.”

Any of you left-wing China apologists in the media want to stand up and defend this?