Report Claims Hunter Biden Attends White House Meetings

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been attending official White House meetings with his father, drawing backlash from critics and supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, confirmed on Tuesday, July 2, during a briefing with the media that Hunter Biden was present in the room alongside his father during the preparation of Biden’s remarks about the recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

The press secretary said Biden is “very close” to his family and spent time with them during the holiday week leading up to Independence Day. She added that Hunter Biden spent time with his father at Camp David, then returned with him and “walked with him” into the speech-prep meeting, after which he “ended up spending time” with Biden and the family that night.

“That is basically what happened,” the press secretary concluded. Jean-Pierre added that during this period it is expected for more family members to be at the White House and that more were expected for July 4th festivities.

Earlier that same day, a report from NBC revealed that Hunter Biden began joining his father and top presidential aides for meetings since Biden returned to the White House on Monday, July 1, from Camp David. One insider told reporters that some White House officials were wondering what was going on.

Following a poor first debate performance by the president against former President Donald Trump on June 27, there was a widespread call for Biden to withdraw from the race. Many of those calls came from fellow Democrats, and even The New York Times editorial board said the best way Biden could serve his country would be to withdraw. The day after the debate, Biden said he would not withdraw and has reiterated that position since.

According to reports, Hunter Biden is one of the voices encouraging his father to remain in the race. Another more obvious voice is First Lady Jill Biden, who many now believe is handling her husband and pressuring him to remain in the contest.

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