If you were hoping that the new year would bring a swift end to Robert Mueller’s phony investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal, you can put those hopes on a dusty shelf along with the resolutions you’ve already broken. It isn’t going to happen. According to a report from ABC News, FBI insiders predict that the inquiry will stretch well into 2018, ensuring that Democrats have plenty of fuel for their midterm election ads.

From ABC News:

As 2017 — the year of the Donald Trump presidency, further Russian interference in American politics, and the special counsel investigation into it all — comes to a close, there is continued speculation about where Robert Mueller’s sprawling probe now stands.

In an interview with The New York Times published Thursday, Trump insisted it has already “been proven that there [was] no collusion” between his associates and Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential campaign.

However, the status of Mueller’s probe has remained elusive as so much of what his investigators are up to is done in secrecy and behind closed doors. One thing is clear: Their work is far from finished, and it’s going to stretch well into the new year.


Meanwhile, we have the leftist news media going into overdrive in an attempt to give this investigation its groove back. With a number of revelations over the last month having sown deep doubts about the veracity of the FBI’s case – Agent Peter Strzok’s texts, Andrew McCabe’s conflicts, and the FBI’s reliance on the phony dossier as their primary source of evidence – Mueller and his cohorts in the media know they have to do some damage control. In some cases, that means attacking Fox News and other conservative media outlets and painting them as traitors to America for having the GALL to criticize Mueller’s investigation. As if Robert Mueller were sent to put Trump in prison by God himself. Of course, if that were the case, liberals would probably have no use for him.

In other cases, it means giving the FBI a phony cover story, like the New York Times tried to do this weekend. They ran a story on Saturday that told readers that a drunken Trump campaign associate – George Papadopoulos – who turned the FBI onto the collusion theory as he bragged to Australian officials in the summer of 2016 about Russia’s “Hillary dirt.” This allows the FBI to pretend that THIS was their “in” into the investigation and NOT the phony dossier. How convenient. How ridiculous.

Not even the most partisan Democrats can pretend any longer that Trump did anything that rises to the level of a crime. This investigation has now become nothing more than a political weapon to use against Republicans…if it was ever anything more than that to begin with.