Proponents of Black Lives Matter like to pretend that all the rioting, looting, and destruction unfolding across the country are examples of practically-victimless crimes.

Sure, sure, some stores got burned down.

And yeah, a handful of Target stores had their merchandise wiped out by zealous activists.

And yeah, we suppose that a few people may have gotten hurt in the confusion, but that’s probably just because of police and federal agents sent in by President Donald Trump!

Let’s never forget, after all, that these demonstrations are “mostly peaceful.”

Well, that narrative is probably never going to change on CNN and in the pages of The New York Times. But when you dig beneath the protective shield of the mainstream liberal media, it quickly becomes clear that these racial protests have been FAR from victimless. Indeed, in New York City alone, hundreds of police officers have been injured by these reckless, bloodthirsty anarchists.

“The chaos that politicians are encouraging on the streets is putting cops in the hospital,” Patrick Lynch, the head of the Police Benevolent Association, said. “It is not just the nearly 500 cops who have been hit with bricks and bottles or otherwise injured during supposedly ‘peaceful’ protests. Hundreds more are being injured because criminals are emboldened to fight cops the moment we step on the scene. They know our hands are tied. Every New Yorker needs to ask their elected officials how cops can protect them when we can barely protect ourselves.”

According to the report, at least 472 police officers in New York have been injured since May 28. 319 of those officers were injured seriously enough to require hospital treatment. These are only injuries, mind you, relating directly to riots and chaos stemming from George Floyd’s death and the subsequent racial turmoil. As a whole, more than 7,000 NYPD officers have been injured in the line of duty since the beginning of the year, which is already a 47% increase on the entire year of 2019.

But there are no real-world consequences to these “mostly peaceful protests,” mind you. Anything said to the contrary is just a right-wing myth.