According to consummate reporter Sara Carter, rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose involvement in both the Hillary Clinton email case and the probe into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian government officials, could be facing “serious” charges relating to his wrongdoing.

Strzok, who has become a veritable symbol of everything wrong with the FBI under former Director James Comey, was thrust into the spotlight in 2017 when text messages surfaced between him and his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page. In these messages, Strzok, again and again, expressed his distate for then-candidate Donald Trump. At one point, infamously, he promised Page that Trump would never be president because “we will stop him.”

But in addition to being kicked off the Mueller probe and ultimately relieved of his FBI duties altogether, Strzok could be looking at time in the slammer. Carter reports that her sources say that Inspector General Michael Horowitz is still conducting his long investigation of the FBI’s handling of these twin 2016 cases. And from what they’ve seen, his conclusions could spell trouble for any number of FBI and DOJ officials involved in the investigations.

“There are a number of individuals who are looking at Peter Strzok’s actions and inactions and how those actions affected both of the investigations he was involved in,” one U.S. official told Carter. “Further evaluation of what Peter Strzok did or did not do needs to be evaluated thoroughly.”

This official told Carter that “obstruction” charges could be on the table for Strzok.

“He is in hot water,” another government official told her. “I’m certain he’s not the only one.”

This week, Attorney General William Barr stirred up a hornet’s nest when he testified that he was confident that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign, vowing to look into it. Democrats immediately circled the wagons and expressed all manner of hysterical alarm, which should give you an idea of just how they frightened they are. They know the jig is up. Russian collusion is over. Obstruction of justice is finished. That’s bad enough. But now we have an attorney general who is actually going to start watching the watchmen? Oh, oh no. That’s no good.

This house of cards has been built to the lower stratosphere. When it comes crashing down, expect there to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

It’s going to be fun to watch.