(TotalConservative.com) – A few Republican groups have formed attempting to draft Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024. One of these groups is based in New Hampshire, called NH Draft DeSantis, organized by a Republican activist named Chris Wood.

At the GOP annual meeting in New Hampshire on Saturday, Wood told Fox News that their ultimate goal “is to go out of business the day he [DeSantis] announces” his campaign.

The keynote speaker at the meeting was Former President Donald Trump, and many see DeSantis as a potential rival to Trump for the GOP nomination. Based on some of his criticism toward DeSantis, it appears Trump may also see him as a potential rival, even calling the Florida governor “disloyal” while campaigning over the weekend.

Another group that had a booth set up at the annual GOP meeting in NH was the super PAC called Ron to the Rescue from Florida, which are also not affiliated with the DeSantis but is trying to convince him to run for president and to build a grassroots movement of support.

A few weeks ago, another super PAC, Ready for Ron, announced they would be spending $3.3 million on ad campaigns to galvanize more Republicans toward supporting a DeSantis presidential run. Last summer, DeSantis’ team stated in a memo that they have nothing to do with the PAC and warned against donating because they were taking resources away from the governor’s reelection campaign.

DeSantis was reelected as governor of Florida in November with overwhelming support. Floridians are torn on the idea of him running for POTUS because many want him to remain as their governor, a position he would have to abandon for a campaign.

Although he has dismissed rumors of entering the 2024 race for the White House while focusing on being re-elected as governor, DeSantis has dropped a few hints over the past few months of a possible bid, including in his November victory speech.

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